Study Visit on International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS) to Malaysia

Event Date & Place:  27-29 September 2016, Malaysia


A Study Visit on IMTS has been hosted by DOS Malaysia and Royal Malaysian Customs Department with the support of COMPASS. Participants were Customs and National Statistical Officers from CLMV Countries and representatives of ASEANStats.
The Study Visit has allowed to learn from an advanced ASEAN Member State about:
• IMTS data sources and classifications used
• Data validation and dissemination process
• Data quality assessment;
• Additional data computation related to IMTS, including seasonal adjustment, calculation of trade indices, CIF/FOB adjustments, etc.
• Links between IMTS and Balance of Payments and National Accounts.
The study visit has been highly appreciated by all participants thanks to the great interest of presentations and to the high involvement of the staff from DOSM and Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD), as well as the active participation of CLMV and ASEANstats representatives.