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Event Name: The 26th Meeting of the ACSS Sub-Committee on Planning and Coordination (SCPC26)

Event Date & Place: 22-23 August 2023, virtually

The 26th Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Planning and Coordination (SCPC26) was held on 22-23 August 2023 virtually through the Zoom platform.  The Meeting was chaired by Ms. Margaretha Ari Anggorowati, Head of Bureau of Public Relations and Legal Affairs, BPS-Statistics Indonesia, and co-chaired by Mr. Anang Laksono, Head of the Statistics Division of the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEANstats). The Meeting was attended by representatives from the ten (10) ASEAN Member States and ASEANstats.

The meeting aims to discuss important topics and to obtain SCPC decisions, guidance and feedback in following up the ACSS12’s recommendations; the status, timelines and target of delivery of ACSS Annual Priorities 2023 that will be reported to ACSS Committee at its ACSS13 meeting in November 2023; and SCPC’s next steps in delivering their tasks.