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ASEAN Statistical Yearbook 2005

Book Title : “ASEAN Statistical YearBook 2005”

Introduction :

The ASEAN Statistical Yearbook 2005 is the fourth in the series. It covers key ASEAN statistics for the period of mid 1990s to 2004. Since its previous issue, timeliness and coverage of many statistics, such as those on trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), tourism, transport and communication, have improved. Such improvements may be attributed to strengthened support from the national statistical systems of the ASEAN Member Countries.
Among the notable improvements on coverage are those on FDI statistics. Starting with this issue, statistics on FDI approval are presented based on apportionment basis instead of project cost basis as used in the previous issues. The apportionment basis takes out the domestic portion of approved investment projects with foreign interest, and thus provides a better indicator of foreign investments.
The Yearbook continues to provide the users with cross-country comparison as well as highlights of regional trends and developments in the ASEAN region. These are presented through the cross-section and time series presentation of ratios, shares, growth rates, and where applicable, aggregate figures for the region as well as detailed breakdown by country, by commodity, or by other relevant categories of key statistics.
I hope you would find the ASEAN Statistical Yearbook Series resourceful. I would welcome your
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