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Book Title : “ASEAN Statistical YearBook 2003”

Introduction :

The ASEAN Statistical Yearbook 2003 is the second in the series. The first was published in May 2002. Containing key statistics in ASEAN in 2002 and some in 2003 as they are available up to the second quarter of 2003, it is a continuation of the first Yearbook while its title (2003) now reflects the current publication year. The schedule of publication was shifted to September to facilitate wider and more up-to-date compilation of 2002 and 2003 statistics. It is expected that future publication in the series shall follow this new schedule.
The coverage of the ASEAN Statistical Yearbook 2003 has been expanded to include two new sections namely, Agriculture, and Manufacturing Industry. Coverage of Education, Health, and Trade Statistics, has also been improved, the latter now includes those classified by SITC codes.
While all macroeconomic data have been updated to cover the year 2002, and for some indicators until the second quarter of 2003, some data on social, trade and FDI statistics, due to the nature of data collection and reporting process, are available only up to the year 2001.
This Yearbook continues to highlight major trends, characteristics and issues in the region and to facilitate country comparison. These are presented through the cross-sector and /or timeseries presentations of ratios, growths, shares, and where applicable, aggregates for the region.

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