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ASEAN Community in Figures - 2012

Book Title : “ASEAN Community in Figures – 2012”

Introduction : ASEAN Community in Figures (ACIF) 2012  is the fourth in a series of annual publications by the ASEAN Secretariat focusing on key economic and social developments in individual ASEAN Member States and in the ASEAN Community as a whole.
The pocket-sized ACIF is intended as a handy reference on selected and most recent economic and social indicators. It contains more than 50 tables and charts on ASEAN’s general economy, trade, foreign direct investment, tourism, telecommunications, population, labor force, and social development. Brief analysis on some indicators is also included to highlight key trends revealed by the tables
and charts.
With the establishment of the ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS) Committee in November 2011, ASEAN Secretariat will continue to deliver timely, appropriate and relevant statistical information to support the ASEAN Community. This, of course, will not be possible without the expertise and cooperation of the national statistical agencies, officials of the ASEAN Member States and the ASEANstats of the ASEAN Secretariat.
These continued efforts will contribute to our goal of improving future editions of ACIF as well as other statistical products and services of the ASEANstats. As such the ASEAN Secretariat welcomes your inputs and feedback.

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