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ASEAN Statistics Division (ASEANstats) is one of the divisions under the ASEAN Economic Community Department of the ASEAN Secretariat in charge of providing statistical services to the ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN bodies and ASEAN stakeholders. ASEANstats is also the technical arm of the ASEAN Community of Statistical System (ACSS).

ASEANstats is guided by the intentions and goals of the ASEAN Charter and vision of the ASEAN Community in the design and implementation of statistical cooperation activities. We refer to the information requirements of regional policies, and programs as well as the priorities spelled out in the ASEAN national strategies for the development of statistics in developing and compiling indicators and data for ASEAN purposes. We adopt the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and adhere in particular, to the core values of public service, user orientation, integrity, excellence, professionalism and independence in the development and delivery of statistical products and services.

ASEANstats is committed to serving the statistical information needs of the peoples, institutions, businesses and civil societies of ASEAN and of the international community. ASEANstats aims to become an authoritative source of relevant, comparable and timely ASEAN statistics to facilitate knowledge building in a strong, confident and respected ASEAN Community. ASEANstats, in cooperation with the ASEAN Member States’ national statistical systems, also aims to help build and promote the use of knowledge about the ASEAN Community – its peoples and institutions, economies, societies and cultures.

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Our Means of Coordination

We work hand in hand with ASEAN Member States in building statistical capacities, promoting international standards and best practices, and harmonizing statistics through, among others, the following mechanisms:

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