Event Name: The 27th Meeting of the ACSS Sub-Committee on Planning and Coordination (SCPC27)

Event Date & Place: 28-29 February 2024, Vang Vieng, Lao PDR

The 27th Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Planning and Coordination (SCPC27) was held on 28-29 February at Vang Vieng, Lao PDR, hosted by Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB). The Meeting was chaired by Ms. Phetsamone Sone, Deputy Head of Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB), and co-chaired by Mr. Anang Laksono, Head of the Statistics Division of the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEANstats). The Meeting was attended by representatives from ASEAN Member States (AMS), staff members of the ASEAN Secretariat, and Timor-Leste as observer.

This meeting discussed the timelines, target of delivery and current status of the annual priorities 2024 of the ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS) including the development of draft ACSS post-2025 plan, the review of the ACSS M&E KPI, the development of handbook for mirror analysis on international merchandise trade statistics, and the implementation of Pilot Project of Application Programming Interface (API) utilisation for AMS data submission as well as other key activities of ACSS Working Groups such as enhancement of dissemination of SNA Indicators: to publish GDP by Expenditure, implementation of study on Small Area Estimation (SAE) and capacity building activities under ASEAN-Help-ASEAN Framework (AHAF).